Thursday, 4 August 2016

Oh haiii there!

Helloooooo! *waves* Anyone out there reading this? 

I have no idea why, but I suddenly felt the urge to write in this blog again. Makeup skills have been inadequately documented, and my creative side has been left untouched for far too long. Blogging my makeup has been so useful for me in terms of expanding my skillsets and I'm sure it's much more rewarding for me to write than it is enjoyable for readers, hah. 

Regardless, hello hello, and here's to posting more, perhaps. This formatting has all got to change, though! In the meantime, here's a few EOTD/FOTD posts I've collected together from the past year or so. 

SUQQU Kakitsubata and KISS false lashes

Electric blue liner with Bourjois eyeliner pencil

A poor imitation of the inimitable Lisa Eldridge kohl liner

Tulip placements for flat lid shapes using SUQQU Ruridama; the key to this was NYX jumbo pen in Milk, obvs. 

Alrighty. Thanks for looking and speak soon!


  1. I'm happy to see you back! Your blog has been in my RSS feed for ages, waiting for your return, but I wonder if I've ever commented before. :) The looks are beautiful, I especially like the eyeliner and Kakitsubata ones! <3 xx Please be back soon!

    1. Awww thanks Laura! Kakitsubata is a firm favourite for sure. Will hopefully be back soon and thanks for your message! :)