Friday, 4 April 2014

Belly's 'Lobster' tag!

Thank you to the wonderful Belly for her liebster lobster tag

Since I am a blogging noob, I think 11 facts and 11 questions may be overload for the unsuspecting reader, especially as I also posted a 30 facts tag here.

So instead, here are my answers to Belly's 11 questions: 

1)  Your favorite fried chicken joint?  

There's this place I sometimes go to that's run by a Korean lady and her family. It's a great, hidden gem - at least it was back when we first discovered it. But ever since the K-drama 'My Love From Another Star' started ruining lives in China, this place has become a nightmare. Couples queue around the corner for this restaurant, presumably because girlfriends force their respective boyfriends to prove their love - and buying them 'chicken and beer' is the only way to do that, apparently. Once, there was a couple next to us, and the girl just ate one chicken wing then declared herself to be 'practically bursting'. And what's more, the stern Korean lady has recently ruled that guests are forbidden to order extra food later on during the meal. 

*flips table*

Actually, I always order KFC after a drunken night out... Even in my drunken state, I can still pre-order on my phone so it arrives after I get home.

2) Cake or Pie? 

CAKE! If pie, pecan pie! Bwahaha. I have a very sweet tooth. 

3) What makeup product category is challenging to blog about and why?

Not sure yet... Skincare is probably most challenging since it's so slow and skincare products, realistically, will only ever be a small factor in the appearance of your face and skin on any particular day. It also would take a long time to research and there's no instant blogging satisfaction. 

4) Red pill, blue pill.  Pick one and why?

Red. Most times. Because truth, authenticity and consciousness are very important. But not where consciousness just amplifies feelings of helplessness. I would opt for a healthy dose of both in my everyday life. Example: What's that, someone posted about the latest drool-worthy SUQQU collection? LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU. 

5) Current music in high rotation.

Nothing really is in high rotation right now. I go for periods of time listening to the same stuff, or nothing at all. One of my faves is Chopin Nocturne No.1 in B Flat Minor. The other song that got stuck in my head recently was this gem. This was a music video from way back. I remember seeing it on MTV during a holiday to Spain, and my sister and I found it so very catchy indeed. 

6) In junior high / high school, what was super trendy that you had partaken in that you sincerely regret.  Extra bonus points for pictures.

Pink jungle trousers, with lots of side pockets by the knees, and dangly tassel things. I loathe all things tassel-y, perhaps this is why. AHH the repressed memories!

7) On your burger (veggie/ meat/ whatever), what is your cheese topper of choice.

AHHHH WHY BELLY WHYY >.< (See fact 7)

8) On a quiet evening all to yourself, what three things would you be doing?

I would be watching a load of YouTube videos. I recently re-discovered Miranda Sings, and I am in hysterics. I would probably also have a sheet mask on my face, and would end up watching something trashy online. Ahem. My Love From Another Star, episode 13, to be precise.

9) Where is the farthest flung place you have traveled?  Where is the next place y
ou plan on traveling to  (far or near)?

Hmm, 'farthest' is quite relative as I keep flitting between UK and Asia. What felt like the farthest was probably my trip to the States, because I rarely venture over there. In terms of the most culturally different place, it's probably been Bolivia or Mauritius. I'm probably heading to Hungary in June, and although it's geographically quite close to the UK, I'm sure it'll feel more foreign to me than most places I've travelled to. We're planning to head to somewhere in Europe to celebrate my sister's birthday. I'm thinking maybe Florence? 

10) What's better, a beach vacation or a walking cultural vacation.

Walking cultural vacation, FTW! I went to Hanoi, Vietnam for my birthday last year and we spent an entire week just soaking up the culture and exploring the Old French quarters. For me, the prerequisites for a walking cultural trip have to be: good food, dynamic culture, interesting language. I'm not very physically active, but I could spend ages walking around a city or a museum. 

Lovely hotel staff in Hanoi told us of a water lily park where local couples go for walks. 
11) Since blogging, has your taste in makeup changed in any significant way?

Since I've only just started blogging again, it's a bit too soon to tell. But if I were to guess how they may change, I'd imagine I'd become pickier about textures and how things look on my skin. That's what comes from blogging in high res all the time! 

Phew. I think I need to actually get back to blogging properly sometime, huh? I'm flying to the UK next week so it's been a bit frantic thus far. Hopefully there'll be much better sunlight for nice pictures! :)