Tuesday, 16 August 2016

My SUQQU A/W 2016 Makeover!

This sounds like it's vaguely about the new releases, but in truth it's more just to gush about how wonderful the SUQQU original cream foundation is.

I mean, lookit!

SUQQU Creamy Foundation in 20, Deep Nuance Eyes EX-05 Yakou, EX-32 Rengazome, Pure Color Blush EX-01 Akedaidai and 02 Hanachaori

Don't kill me here. I didn't get the name of the lipstick used. It was one of the plummier tones - and the more vibrant of the two. I'm tempted to say it was 10 Haebana, if not then the 09 Yoikajitsu. Place your bets! Next time I'm at a counter I'll double check. The winner wins.. a.. SUQQU S brush? Which is apparently re-releasing soon!? AHHHHHHH.

Speaking of which, the SUQQU S is rumoured to be made by the same manufacturers as the previous ones. I've been told not to quote the SUQQU representative who told me this, but, well, I just did. Sticky out-y tongue face.

Now, more pictures of how beautifully the foundation turned out. This was after a luxurious Gankin massage (thank you C!) and I chose the original Cream Foundation to really bring out the natural luminosity and texture of the skin. Apart from a few pigmentation issues I had no major breakouts (yay to finally getting skin under control), so this suited me fine.

The Pure Color Blush Hanachaori was used as a light contour here. Really liking the bright orange tone of EX-01 Akedaidai - which would look absolutely stunning as a higher, intense Maquia-esque blush placement. Instead we went with a comparatively less bold look - a red smokey eye, where the lovely SA used the EX-05 Yakou as a base over my mobile lid and layered it with the red shade in EX-32 Rengazome. 

The lighting at the counter is really quite bright and mutes some of the colours here, so I've pic-vomited a series of snaps taken by my iPhone front camera to give you a better idea of how it can look. 

Behold variance 1)

This gives a better idea of the lip colour, but not the foundation shade. Sigh. If I knew I was going to blog this I'd have taken better pictures, apologies! 

Variance 2)

SUQQU Creamy Foundation 20 is beautiful - albeit a touch too pink for my tanned skin. I am a veritable patchwork these days. It doesn't hold up well on my sweat-prone skin though, and transfers very easily. It does however wear off imperceptibly, which is a bonus. It's like I just get sneakily more and more unattractive. 

Alrighty, there you have it!

Conclusions: I am coveting a $$$ foundation that I can only feasibly wear when I have good skin - to give the appearance of good skin. The logic is impenetrable.

Other conclusions: SUQQU S release is what I'm going to live for.  And I'll probably come back and check out more of the collection.

The Extra Glow Moist lipsticks are lovely and balmy - a balance between the creaminess of the Creamy Glow range and the balmy texture of the Creamy Glow Moists. On normal lips, these work fine. I had dry lips and when applied (without lip balm), they were comfortable and didn't have the slip of the Creamy Glows. If I looked closely, I could feel a layer of pigment sitting on top of the base, but I'm probably nitpicking.

The Pure Color Blushes are extremely soft to the touch, and while I love the colour selections and gradient presentation, I'm not a huge fan of the visible shimmer in the pan. Admittedly, it's imperceptible on the skin - right?

As for the Deep Nuance Eyes, I find them less complex than other offerings, say, compared to Shiseido's cream eyeshadows. These textures are very SUQQU-esque - soft, seamless and featherlight. Correspondingly, it feels like a light siliconey layer of relatively monochromatic colour that can be blended out to the most elegant finish. I wonder how long it wears though - certainly not long on my oilier lids.

Update: Just checked on the Deep Nuance Eyes in EX-05 Yakou and it's actually disintegrated on my lids. Oh wells. 

Anywho, that's it for now! I hope that was interesting/useful for you. Sorry for bombarding you with pictures of my face.

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