Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A quick swatch: Guerlain KissKiss Fall 2014

Guerlain has released some gorgeous new shades of their KissKiss Fall 2014 lipstick range, and they're so pretty I had to share my swatch pictures.

Left column, top to bottom:
  • Sexy Coral 344 
  • Excessive Rose 361 
  • Rouge Kiss 325
  • Red Passion 321

Swatched against:
  • Liu (Rouge Automatique) - last one in first column
  • Girly (Rouge G) - the pinky coral on the right

First thoughts: OMG how gorgeous is Red Passion?! I am testing this one out right now.

The lipstick does not last well through an oily chicken wrap, but it feels smooth and comfortable on the lips. They don't seem as creamy as the Rouge Gs, however they feel quite weightless for such a pigmented lipstick. 

I will refrain from commenting further until I eventually cave and buy one.  They're currently available exclusively from Debenhams, and there's a GWP where you get a mini KissKiss lipstick in 325 Rouge Kiss if you buy any two Guerlain items. I am so tempted!

Edit: There are rumours that this new KissKiss Fall range is meant to slowly replace the existing Rouge Automatiques, but let's hope not! Either way, thankfully my long-standing interest in Rouge Automatique Liu 122 has waned. Next to the glossy, cool depth of Red Passion, Liu looks much more warm and corally. 


  1. These colors are so pretty!
    That Red Passion looks so intense and amazing. Will look forward to a look post!
    BTW, I'd be scared if anything lasts through an oily chicken wrap. LOL. You're too cute. ;)

    1. Haha. Though I love beauty, I am first and foremost a foodie! 

      I haven't yet caved into Red Passion, but I'm close! Do I need it even though I own Chanel Pirate? Now that's the question...

  2. i have one guerlain and i tried a matte guerlain sample. the formulas are really so creamy and i can see why some ppl really love them.
    the colors you swatched are great! but i'm already overflowing with lip products. i think i like Rouge Kiss the best.
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. Rouge Kiss seems to be one of the most popular colours in the range! It looks very wearable. I am however a garish ho, and I just can't seem to resist bold reds. :) This will be my second Guerlain lip product. ^^

  3. WOW Red Passion is gorgeous! I don't have any Guerlain lipstick yet (that I wear), but I'm dying to -- they always look so beautiful. I just wish they'd come out with a less-scented formula sometime!

    1. I just purchased Red Passion today, woohoo!! I'll let you know if this one seems scented. I didn't recall any particular scent but then again I was probably too distracted by the colour. :)